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Abyacsa Construction, LLC is part of a larger group of companies under Abyacsa  International, Inc. in the USA and Abbud y Asociados Construcciones SA de CV in  Mexico; some of our sister well-known brands are Tripoli Concrete, Sidon Processing  and Sidon Transportation.


Become your Construction Company of Choice

Building a reputation of a leading company in solutions for the construction industry, satisfying and exceeding the needs  and expectations of our customers, complying with the principles of quality and care of the environment in all our  processes.


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Our most powerful competitive element is the unparalleled teamwork we form, committed to a continuous training and  adapting to any requirements, performing every task under higher standards. 


The direction and execution of the activities are  commanded by skilled women and men with great values, prepared for the specialized disciplines, applying full technical  knowledge and extensive experience.

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